Psychotherapy • New York, NY


Photo of Anna Nathanson

Education and Affiliations

Licensed Master Social Worker, New York State

Master of Social Work - NYU Silver School of Social Work

B.A. International Development, Economics, World Religions - McGill University

My Wellbeing

Children’s Aid: Safe Way Forward program

Resilience Lab SoHo

Social Workers of European Descent Against Racism (SWEDAR) - NASW NYC

European Dissent - People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

White Students Challenging Racism - NYU Silver School of Social Work

Aquila Working Group (operated by the Batterer Intervention Coalition of Michigan)

Empower Lab - NYU School of Global Public Health

New York State Psychiatric Institute (former intern)

International High School at Union Square (former intern)

Advanced Clinical Training

Clinical Supervision with Christine Carville, LCSW (2019-present)

Clinical supervision with Marybeth Jordan, LCSW (2020-present)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy clinical supervision with Ellen Lukens, PhD, LCSW, and Mara Eilenberg, LCSW (2018-2019)

Undoing Racism® Workshop - The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Summer Institute in Global Mental Health - Teachers College, Columbia University

Understanding Domestic Violence: Essentials and Intersections - CONNECT Training Institute

Children’s Experience of Violence - CONNECT Training Institute

Art therapy - NYU Silver School of Social Work

Play therapy - NYU Silver School of Social Work

Sex Trafficking - NYU Silver School of Social Work

Children’s Experience of Violence - CONNECT Training Institute

Crisis Counselor Training - Crisis Text Line


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga to the People

Trauma-Informed Yoga - Feet on the Ground

Clinical experience

I’ve worked with a variety of folks: I’ve worked with families impacted by domestic violence, I’ve worked with teenagers who live with severe anxiety and mood disorders at a psychiatric hospital day treatment program, I’ve worked with newly arrived immigrant teenagers in a public high school, and I’ve worked with adults and families at risk of losing their housing. Before going into social services in New York City, I also worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, and the lessons I learned there affected me profoundly and still serve me and my work.

My path to becoming a therapist

I used to work in international development, and in doing this work, I was most invested in the idea that the beneficiaries of my work could also be co-collaborators. I see my therapy clients this way, as well; I may have specialized training and an up-to-date understanding of the latest research, but there is only one expert on you and your experience, and that is you. It is through our joint therapeutic relationship that we can get to a place neither of us could have arrived at on our own. Among fields of mental healthcare, social work in particular resonates in its commitment to person-centered, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive care. You are a whole person with a complex set of experiences, and deserve to be seen that way. For me, the intersection of mental healthcare and social justice is a critical place to work from.

The best part of the work

I am constantly blown away by my clients’ resilience; seeking out mental healthcare in and of itself an immense strength that should not be underestimated. This work has also made me realize what a big privilege it is just to sit with someone.

I aim to be my clients' advocate and earn their trust, to hear their stories and bear witness to their strength, to create a plan and work towards contentment. But all that ends up being secondary to the fact that for forty-five minutes, we have each other's time and attention.

And somehow, that ends up being the most special part of all.